Resetting the Logger

All loggers can be reset with LogTag Analyzer, but only certain models allow you to quickly restart with a button press after the logger has been stopped.

You can reset a TRED30-16R, if necessary and enabled, to bring it back to it's original "READY" state. Once re-set, the recording can be started again.

The ability to reset a recorder is enabled or disabled in the advanced options, when configuring the TRED30-16R Logger via LogTag Analyzer.

Screenshot 2023-09-05 160940.png

For this process to work, the recorder must be in "STOPPED" state. Be aware that all recordings need to be saved before resetting the Logger. By resetting the Logger, all files will be deleted and cannot be restored.

  • In order to reset the Logger, press and hold the "START" button. The "READY" symbol will flash.


  • When the "READY" symbol remains permanently on, release the button within 2 seconds. The recorder is now ready to be started again. 



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