Getting started with a Logger


  1. Download and install LogTag Analyzer from our website.
  2. For the TRID/TRED/TRIX/SRIC/TREX/TRIL/SRIL/TREL/HAXO models; connect the interface cradle to your computer and insert the Logger into the cradle with the label to the front. You will hear a click as the contacts engage.
    For the USRIC/UTRIX/UTRID models; connect the Logger to your computer. We recommend using a USB extension cable or USB hub to protect your computer's USB port.
  3. Start LogTag Analyzer by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. In order to start using your Logger, you need to configure it via the ‘LogTag Wizard’. This can be accessed by pressing ‘F2’ on your keyboard or by clicking the ‘Wizard’ icon.
  4. Choose your settings and click on 'configure' and your LogTag Recorder is ready for use. If the Logger has been configured with a Date/Time start, it will start automatically at the appropriate time.

For a push-button start (with the following models TRIX/SRIC/TREX/TRIL/SRIL/TREL/HAXO/USRIC/UTRIX/UTRID), press and hold the “START/MARK” button until the red and green LED’s start alternate flashing, then release.

For a push-button start (with the TRID/TRED/TREL models) use the following procedure:


The recorder must be in "READY" mode for it to be started. The current time and the "READY" symbol are shown. If the displays shows "NOT RDY", your logger has been hibernated.


Press and hold the "START" button. First, "STARTING" is showing in addition to "READY".


Then "READY" disappears.


Once "READY" disappears, release the button within 2 seconds. "STARTING" will also disappear, and the "REC" symbol will be shown. The Logger now records temperature data. 

Note: The Logger will not start if you release the button before "READY" disappears or when you keep holding the button for more than 2 seconds after "READY" disappears.


If you have one of the other models not mentioned in step 2, this procedure won’t work. Please check your user guide for more information. 

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