Setting the display clock

LogTag Analyzer sets the Loggers internal real time clock to the configuration PC’s time, however the user can manually change the display clock on the TRED30-16R Logger, if required.

Press and hold the ‘start button’ and ‘review button’ together continuously for 8 seconds. During this period the display will flashCLOCK ADJ’.


Release the buttons when the flashing stops to enter ‘clock adjust’ mode. The minutes will flash. Press the ‘start button’ to put in the minutes and press the ‘review button’ to accept the minute changes and to start editing the hours.

The hours will now flash. Press the ‘review button’ to increment the hours and press the ‘start button’ to accept and store the new time. If recording is active, a clock change event will be recorded with the next logged reading, which will be displayed in the downloaded data.

NOTE: If the time/date on your report is different to the time/date on your screen this could be due to loss of power.

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