LogTag Analyzer: Known Issue with versions 2.6, 2.5 and earlier - Click Here for details.

Not showing correct time

LogTag Analyzer sets the Loggers internal real time clock to the configuration PC’s time.
When your report doesn't show the right time/date compared to the time on your screen, it's often caused by the loss of power (real time clock losing time). This is often the case when Loggers had their batteries replaced and have not been reconfigured or have suffered a battery connection issue. 


If the time/date on your report is different to the time/date on your screen, this can be rectified by connecting the Logger to your computer via the interface cradle or USB.

You need to configure it in LogTag Analyzer via the 'LogTag Wizard'. This can be accessed by pressing 'F2' on your keyboard or by clicking the 'Wizard' button.

Press ‘Configure’, go into ‘File Settings’ tab then check the ‘Use local PC time zone’ box.


Press ‘Configure’ again, and then click ‘Close’.  Disconnect the logger from your computer, the time/date on your screen is updated.

Different time zones (only applies to USB Loggers)

The time zone for a USB Loggers PDF time is set in the advanced dialogue during configuration and cannot be changed once the logger has started its trip. LogTag Analyzer, however, has the ability to display the data using a range of time zones, depending on the settings you make in the 'Display Time Zone' entry in the 'Date and Time' window from the Edit – Options menu.

For example, if you work on the East Coast of the USA and have set the USB Loggers time zone to your local time zone of Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5), you will need to set LogTag Analyzer’s Date and Time settings to “Download Time Zone", so all times are reported in your local time. If this entry is set to “Configuration time zone" or “Logger display clock", times in LogTag Analyzer will be reported as UTC.


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