Downloading the LogTag software

Our software can be downloaded via the software page on our website. You can find instructions here, how to get started.

LogTag Analyzer is free to use, however, some of the features connected top the software such as the ability to upload data to LogTag Online may require a subscription.

You need to agree to the license terms set out in the user guide, including the LogTag Recorders privacy policy.


System Requirements

LogTag Analyzer is designed to run on Windows computers. Check out the LogTag Analyzer System Requirements and supported operating systems.


Uninstalling LogTag Analyzer

Open “Control Panel" – “Add/Remove Programs", or “Control Panel" – “Programs and Features"; highlight “LogTag Analyzer" and select “remove".

If you are removing version 2.3 or higher, you also need to remove the USB drivers: highlight “USB Interface Cradle Drivers" and select “remove"

On some occasions this may not remove every single file from your computer. In that case please delete following files also:

  • All LogTagIO*.dll files in #Windows#\System32 folder
  • The ‘User profile.dat’ file from C:\Documents and Settings\#USER#\Application Data\LogTag
  • In VISTA and Windows 7 this file is located in C:\Users\#USER#\AppData\Roaming\LogTag



Occasionally we receive reports of antivirus software blocking LogTag software updates. We advise customers who see this, to please disable their antivirus while installing the LogTag software.

If you aren’t able to open an exe file on your computer (due to security restrictions) you will also find an alternative download link for a zip file, which you need to unpack before you can run the installer.

The existing cradle drivers are compatible with the updated software.

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