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Recharging or replacing the battery

All LogTag products have non-rechargeable Lithium-Metal type batteries. You must not attempt to recharge these batteries. Following models have user replaceable batteries:

  • TRID30-7R (CR2032 battery)
  • TRED30-16R (CR2032 battery)
  • UTRID-16 (CR2032 battery)
  • UTRED30-16 (AAA batteries)
  • UTRED30-WiFi (AAA batteries)
  • TREL30-16 (CR2032 battery)
  • UHADO-16 (CR2032 battery)

Here are the instructions to replace the AAA batteries. 

Here are the instructions to replace the CR2032 battery. We advise to calibrate your Logger after a CR2032 battery change. 

To safeguard your data we recommend you use a reputable, branded batteries. 

The following models can't have their batteries replaced:

  • SRIC-4
  • SRIL-8, TRIL-8
  • TRID30-7F, Vaxtag
  • TRED30-7F
  • USRIC-4, USRIC-8
  • TRIX-8
  • TRIX-16
  • HAXO-8
  • TREL-8
  • TREX-8
  • UTRIX-16
  • TIC20
  • TICT
  • is0-Tag

If the logger has run flat, it may have suffered memory corruption and data loss - this is a risk to be aware of.

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