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Calibrating a Logger

In order to calibrate your LogTag Recorder, you need to use our LogTag Calibrate software. LogTag Recorders releases our LogTag Calibrate software only to selected users who have suitable equipment and credentials relating to standard practices of Temperature and/or Humidity calibration.

If you require calibration of your logger, please contact your local supplier.

Calibrate after a battery change

Loggers that have had their case opened have potentially been exposed to electrostatic effects. In addition, units that had their battery replaced may not have been correctly hibernated or may have suffered from memory corruption if battery voltage was critically low during use.

They should therefore be validated for correct operation and performance after the battery change. The preferred way of doing this is by way of re-calibration, where ideally the product should be exposed to its full temperature measuring range.


Certificate of Accuracy

On request, we can send you a Certificate of Accuracy (see example). Send us an email via support@logtagrecorders.com with the request to provide a Certificate of Accuracy. Please also supply the Logger model and serial numbers.



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