Checking a Logger's Configuration Settings

Sometimes a logger has been sent to you already pre-configured, but you are unsure what its configured parameters are.

You can check settings using LogTag Analyzer by initiating the configuration procedure but not proceeding with the configuration.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Start LogTag Analyzer (make sure you have the latest version supporting your product) and connect the logger to the PC (via the built in USB plug, via a USB cable or using an interface cradle). You can hold down the CTRL key while inserting the logger so it won't attempt to download data.

  2. Click Configure from the LogTag menu, or press F3.

  3. Configuration data from the logger is now downloaded to the PC and displayed in the software's configuration tabs.

    The top part of the window shows User and Logging related parameters, the bottom part shows several tabs which group functionality. Click a tab to see the currently configured parameters.

  4. Some logger models, for example those pre-qualified by the WHO, cannot have select parameters changed. In this case, these parameters are not available for change/selection, and only the ones permitted to be changed are. The parameters that are visible are those pre-set in the logger.

    In the above example, the only setting that users can change is the Description, however, none of the logger's alarm and logging frequency/duration parameters can be changed.

  5. Click “Cancel” to abort if you don’t want to make changes.

    If you click "Configure", the parameters on screen will be written to the logger and are now used for the next logging trip.
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