My Activation Code is about to expire

Activation Codes give you access to location subscriptions, notification units, shipment units, or a combination of those.


Each location subscription typically expires after 12 months (some run for 2 years), after which you will have to enter a new activation code, to renew the subscription. One subscription is required for each location you wish to renew.


You will receive a notification to the team's main email address when your subscription is about to expire, no later than 7 days before the expiry date (in some cases you will be notified even earlier, up to a month).


US customers who purchased their previous code from one of the distributors listed on our website can purchase a new code via the distributor, or add subscriptions directly from LogTag Online using a credit card.


Customers outside the US and those who did not purchase the code directly from one of these distributors cannot purchase subscriptions online, instead, they need to purchase Activation Codes and add them to their account. These are available from most LogTag resellers and are typically sent to you via email within a short time after you have placed your order.


Contact your reseller to find out more about pricing, how to obtain these codes and any other information relating to the codes.

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