Dew Point Calculation

Dew Point Calculation and Display

From LogTag Analyzer version 3.1.9 it is possible to enable dew point calculation and display for LogTag humidity loggers (UHADO-16, HAXO-8, HASO-8). When enabled the dew point is calculated using the temperature and humidity for each logged reading, and displayed on the report, chart and data list.

Enabling Dew Point in LogTag Analyzer

  1. Install the latest version of LogTag Analyzer 3.
  2. By default dew point calculation is not enabled. Select Edit and then Options from the menu bar.mceclip0.png
  3. Select the Charts tab on the left hand menu from the pop-up.
  4. On this menu ensure the option 'Display Dewpoint on Humidity and Temperature Charts' is ticked. This is the bottom most tick box option just about the Mouse control drop-downs.


Dew Point Display


mceclip2.pngLogTag Analyzer showing Dew point temperature series on the Chart.


mceclip3.pngLogTag Analyzer showing Dew point temperature series on the Data list.


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