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Finding Calibration Certificate in LogTag Analyzer

To view, download and/or print calibration certificates in LogTag Analyzer (LTA), please follow the guidance below:


Calibration certificates will:

  • Be valid for 12 months from the date of first configuration, or the first temperature recorded,
    whichever is the earlier
  • Be valid for no longer than 30 months from date of manufacture (6 months in our stores,
    plus 12 months on customers shelf, plus 12 months operation life)


Calibration certificates are only available, for loggers (that are):

  • Manufactured after April 2019
  • Not a VaxTag or indicators (i.e. TIC20, TICT)
  • Factory calibrated - If customer re-calibrates the logger, then the certificate will not be available
  • Used solely with LTA3:
    • (Generally if the user has configured with LTA2 before, there will be no certificate)
  • Still have a valid certificate period - if this is expired, then it cannot be viewed


Calibration certificates can be viewed:

  • from LTA3 on the LogTag Configure window (after it has been configured once):


  • ​from LTA3 Report tab when viewing a file or downloaded the logger:



What to do if the Certificate button greyed out

If the button is greyed out and you cannot retrieve the certificate, you should:

1) Try configuring the logger.

From the Configuration screen (F3) press the mceclip2.png button. Then Press the mceclip1.png button. If the unit was not configured the certificate should now be available.

2) Contact LogTag recorders support (support@logtagrecorders.com) and they can assist with providing a certificate.



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