UTRED30 or UTREL30 Coincell CR2032 Battery Low

Applies to UTRED30-WiFi, UTRED30-16, UTREL30-WiFi and UTREL30-16 loggers.

If you see this symbol on the display, the internal CR2032 coin cell backup battery is empty.


You must replace this battery immediately, or you risk losing recorded data when the logger's power supply is removed or inserted.

This coin cell battery typically lasts many years, however, when you frequently operate the device with near empty AAA batteries, extra load is put on the coin cell, and it depletes significantly faster.

Safety and General Warnings



To ensure safe and proper use, please adhere to the following guidelines

  • Do not force discharge, recharge, disassemble, heat above each models published maximum temperature or incinerate. Doing so may result in injury due to venting, leakage or explosion resulting in chemical burns.
  • When not in use, store the product and batteries in a cool, dry place according to the storage temperature requirements.
  • Remove and immediately recycle or dispose of batteries from equipment not used for an extended period of time according to local regulations.
  • Keep batteries out of reach of children. Coin cell batteries pose a choking hazard and can cause severe internal burns if swallowed.
  • Note that even used batteries may cause severe injury or death.


If a battery is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. For information on treatment, call the National Battery Ingestion Hotline at 202-625-3333 (USA) or your local poison control center.

  • Inspect the battery compartment regularly for signs of corrosion, leakage, or damage, and if detected, stop using the product.
  • Avoid storing batteries in direct sunlight or in environments where temperatures exceed 60 °C (140 °F).
  • Do not attempt to recharge the batteries used in these products.

To undertake this procedure, you must observe proper anti-static precautions. This is best done by a technician with the appropriate equipment.

  1. Remove the rear battery cover and remove the AAA batteries, as if you would for a battery replacement.
  2. Remove the 2 screws in the battery compartment.

  3. Separate the top and bottom halves of the case. Start prying near the bottom edge of the logger, at the sensor and power supply connections.
  4. Remove the coin cell battery from the holder. Slide the cell from the rear using a blunt, non-metal object like a Popsicle stick or a toothpick.


  5. Add the new battery.

Only use batteries from a reputable manufacturer! Check the temperature range of the battery and make sure it covers the operating temperature range of the logger.

  1. Reassemble the two case halves. Make sure the battery contacts clear the opening when closing the case.

  2. Replace the screws, batteries and re-fit the rear cover.


Always completely secure the battery compartment. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product, remove the batteries, and keep them away from children.

Remove and immediately recycle or dispose of used batteries according to local regulations and keep away from children. Do NOT dispose of batteries in household trash or incinerate.
Do not mix old and new batteries, different brands or types of batteries, such as alkaline, carbon-zinc, or rechargeable batteries.

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