Registering devices

On the dashboard, if you select the "devices" tab at the bottom of your screen, you are able to see your registered devices (if you have any). If you are using a WiFi logger (e.g. UTRED30-WiFi) you only have to register the Logger. If you’re using the LTI-WiFi Interface Cradle together with a non-WiFi Logger, it’s important to register both devices (the Interface Cradle and the Logger) in order to track your data via LogTag Online.

Register a device
In order to register a device click on the "register device" button on the dashboard or register your device by going to the "devices" tab. When you click register device you will see the following screen:


  • Device serial number: The serial number can be found on every product. It’s the number found after the letters: S/N. For Interface Cradles this number can be found on the bottom of the device.
  • Device name (optional): type in an easily recognizable name for your Logger
  • Add this Device to a Location to monitor its data: automatically creates a new location for the logger. This can create two locations for dual-channel loggers.

Click “Register” and your device has been registered.

If you selected "Add this Device to a Location to monitor its data" you will now be given the opportunity to add an activation code as well as configure the location name and logger alarm profile.


Note: You don’t receive any data if you haven’t set up your WiFi Interface Cradle or WiFi Logger with a WiFi connection. You can do this through our WiFi Configuration Wizard (see our chapter “Getting Started”).

Edit/delete device
Click on “Edit” and you are able to edit the name. If you click on “deregister” you will delete your device. You can also edit your device in the dashboard by clicking your device. You will see the same pop-up screen that will allow you to change the name of your device or the option to “deregister” (delete) your device.

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