Getting started with LogTag Online

To get started with LogTag Online, you first need to establish a WiFi connection with your
LogTag WiFi device:

  • Firstly, connect the LTI-WiFi, LTI-WM-WiFi Interface Cradle or your WiFi Logger (e.g. UTRED30-WiFi) to your computer using the included USB cable. When you connect your WiFi Interface Cradle, LED’s for the interface cradle will briefly blink to indicate the PC has recognized the new device.
  • To configure the wireless network connection, download the latest WiFi Connection Wizard.
  • Start the Connection Wizard by double clicking the downloaded file, then follow the on-screen prompts gor the instructions in the Connection Wizard Quick Start Guide. Make sure to put in the correct password for your WiFi network.


Connecting to LogTag Online:

  • Your WiFi Logger or Interface Cradle has now been set up for a connection with LogTag Online. To finish the setup, visit
  • Sign in with your account details, or create a new account if you do not have one by selecting "Create an Account" link. When you are creating a new account, a verification email will be sent to your email address. (Please verify within 30 minutes of signing up).
  • Once you are logged into LogTag Online, please check your WiFi devices have been automatically registered during the Connection Wizard process; in the 'Recently Registered Devices' section of the dashboard (if you already had a LogTag Online account and was signed-in during the Wizard setup), otherwise you can manually register it. If you need help registering, follow the instructions
    in the LogTag Online guide.
  • Your Interface Cradle(s) and/or Logger(s) are now ready to upload data to the LogTag Online cloud.

Getting Started and Downloading results:

  • Note: The WiFi interface cradles require a logger with recorded data prior to download.
  • For the LTI-WiFi and LTI-WM-WiFi Interface cradles take the following steps:
    • Connect the LTI-WiFi &/or LTI-WM-WiFi Interface Cradle to your computer via the USB cable provided. If it cannot connect to your LogTag Online Account, please refer to LTI-WiFi Troubleshooting instructions here for your LTI-WiFi cradle, or the LTI-WM-WiFi user guide
      for LTI-WM-WiFi.
  • To get started with your UTRED30-WiFi logger, refer to the UTRED30-WiFi Quick Start Guide. If you encounter issues or require further troubleshooting & help, please refer to the UTRED30-WiFi User Manual.


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