Stopping the Logger

Logging cannot be manually stopped on the Logger itself. If you want a Logger to stop recording at a specific time, select a specific number of readings or select a specific time period to be covered in the “configure for next use" screen.

The Logger will then stop recording data when that point is reached. If you choose “Record Readings Continuously", the oldest recording will be overwritten once the memory of the Logger is full, and the Logger can only be stopped by re-configuring or hibernating it with the LogTag Analyzer Software. An exception to this are TRID30-7 and TRED30-7 loggers, which can be stopped with the Start/Stop/Clear button, but this feature must be enabled when the loggers are configured.

Tip: Use the “Inspection Mark" feature to indicate when a load has safely reached its destination. When the “Start-Mark" button is pressed while logging is in progress, an inspection mark is inserted in the recorded data. This enables confirmation that the load has been manually checked at certain times in the journey, and also enables the recipient of the shipment to show when the load arrived at its destination.

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