My Logger Shows "STOPPED" on its Display

All loggers with a display indicate whether they are recording, or have finished.

Applies to following models:

TRID30-7R, TRID30-7F, TRED30-7R, TRED30-7F, TRED30-16R

UTRED30-16, UTREL30-16, UTRED30-WiFi, UTREL30-WiFi




Typically, the logger's display shows REC if it is recording.

It shows STOPPED

  • if the logger was configured to record a fixed number of readings, and that number of readings has been reached; or
  • if the logger was stopped by a user completing the manual stop process, typically by pressing and holding a button for a set time (the exact procedure depends on the model).

If the logger is a single-use model, it has now reached end of life. Download its data and dispose of the logger according to local regulations.

If the logger is a multi-use model, you can get it to log again with the following procedures:

  • If the logger was configured with the option "Allow reset of logger with START button", you can reset the logger, so it can be started again with the START button.
    You need to use caution with this option, as any data from the trip just recorded will be irrevocably deleted.
  • lf this option is not available, you will need to re-configure the logger using LogTag Analyzer, or LogTag Xpress. We recommend you use the option to record readings continuously, particularly if you regularly download the data, and specifically if the unit is a WiFi logger.

For both procedures, please refer to the respective user guides for your model, which you can access from the Products page of our website or the documentation section here.

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