Cleaning a Logger

The best way to clean your Loggers is with Isopropyl alcohol. This disinfects the Loggers.  An exception is the HAXO-8; for this Logger, the alcohol may cause damage to the sensor. Please note LogTag products can be wiped with isopropyl alcohol but must not be immersed in alcohol or any other solution.

Clorox cleaning solution or any bleach-based cleaning solution is not approved or recommended.

Cleaning contacts

If you have an Logger that works together with the interface cradle, make sure that the three metal contacts at the back of the Logger are clean and free from tape residue, dirt or other contaminants, as these usually result in communications problems. If required, clean them with a soft pencil eraser, but don’t use abrasive materials as you may permanently damage them. The images below show the differences between clean and dirty contacts.

Dirty contacts


Clean contacts


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